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Dr Micha­el Mos­ley and Pro­fes­sor Ali­ce Roberts inves­ti­ga­te if male and fema­le brains real­ly are wired dif­fer­ent­ly.

New rese­arch sug­gests that the con­nec­tions in men and women’s brains fol­low dif­fe­rent pat­terns, pat­terns which may exp­lain typi­cal forms of male and fema­le beha­viour. But are the­se pat­terns inna­te, or are they shaped by the world around us?

Using a team of human lab rats and a troop of bar­ba­ry mon­keys, Micha­el and Ali­ce test the sci­ence and chal­len­ge old ste­reo­ty­pes. They ask whe­ther this new sci­en­ti­fic rese­arch will bene­fit both men and women – or whe­ther it could dri­ve the sexes even fur­t­her apart.




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