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  1. Ver­sailles: The Lost Peace
  2. Return to Iso­la­tio­nism
  3. The First SALT Talks
  4. Radio Racism and For­eign Poli­cy
  5. The Gre­at Depres­si­on and For­eign Affairs
  6. FDR and Hit­ler, The Rise to Power
  7. FDR and Hit­ler, The Dyna­mics of Power
  8. Ame­ri­ca in the Paci­fic
  9. The Reco­gni­ti­on of Rus­sia
  10. Latin Ame­ri­ca
  11. The Ita­li­an-Ethio­pi­an War
  12. The Spa­nish Civil War
  13. The Pho­ny War
  14. FDR and Chur­chill
  15. Japan Inva­des Chi­na
  16. War Comes to Pearl Har­bor

Docu­men­ta­ry pro­du­cer Alan Lands­burg Pro­duc­tions crea­ted this series of 16 pro­grams, with post-pro­duc­tion at Nei­man-Til­lar Asso­cia­tes, about the histo­ry of diplo­ma­cy from 1919 – 1941 and how the world fai­led to learn the les­sons of World War I which ine­vi­ta­b­ly led to World War II.

This clas­sic series fol­lows the events that spar­ked the grea­test con­flict of the cen­tu­ry, cap­tu­ring the dra­ma, the exci­te­ment and the ideo­lo­gi­cal jux­ta­po­si­ti­ons of the­se cru­ci­al years. For­mer CBS News cor­re­spon­dent and com­men­ta­tor Eric Sevar­eid, one of the world’s most respec­ted figu­res in jour­na­lism, pres­ents this extra­or­di­na­ry series fea­turing stun­ning ori­gi­nal news­re­els, sound­tracks, and rare archi­val foo­ta­ge.

While Ame­ri­ca enjoy­ed its­elf in the Roaring Twen­ties, the world was chan­ging. It was the era of Lucky Lin­dy, boot­leg, Babe Ruth, Valen­ti­no and assem­bly-line Fords. It was also the time of mar­ket col­lap­se, Klan mee­tings, dem­ago­gues abroad, Red Sca­res at home and bread lines. The best of times, the worst of times, and the times in which the United Sta­tes reluc­tant­ly moved cen­ter sta­ge.

Bet­ween the Wars is an inno­va­ti­ve 16-part series that exami­nes this cru­ci­al time as it pro­gres­sed from the Armisti­ce in 1918 to the attack on Pearl Har­bor in 1941. Tour the glo­be and revi­sit all the cru­ci­al sites from the U.S., Japan, Rus­sia and Euro­pe. See and hear Hit­ler, Mus­so­li­ni, Sta­lin, Chur­chill and Roo­se­velt like never befo­re.

Host Eric Sevar­eid: He was the­re! Pionee­ring news­man Eric Sevar­eid was, for many, the voice of World War II. He was the first cor­re­spon­dent to report the French sur­ren­der to Ger­ma­ny, and was in the thick of com­bat throug­hout the Second World War. Uni­que­ly qua­li­fied and know­led­ge­ab­le, Eric Sevar­eid deli­vers the inten­si­ty and authen­ti­ci­ty of someo­ne who was pre­sent at every turn.

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