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Fighting God

»Fighting God« ist ein lei­den­schaft­li­ches Mani­fest von einem der bekann­tes­ten Athe­is­ten Ame­ri­kas. In sei­nem Buch spricht David Sil­ver­man über die Bedeu­tung, die ethi­schen Grund­la­gen und den Erfolg eines pro­vo­ka­ti­ven Athe­is­mus.

David Sil­ver­man ist der der­zei­ti­ge Prä­si­dent der »Ame­ri­can Athe­ists« und Initia­tor der ers­ten »Rea­son Ral­ly«, der größ­ten Ver­samm­lung von Athe­is­ten in Washing­ton, an der 30.000 Men­schen teil­nah­men.

Lesung in eng­li­scher Spra­che · Stadt­bü­che­rei Hei­del­berg · Fr. 6. Novem­ber 2015 · 19:30 Uhr


AmericanAtheists_iconAn Atheist Manifesto for a Religious World

Fri­day, 6th Novem­ber 2015 · 19:30 pm

Lecture by David Silverman
President of American Atheists (AA)

Stadt­bü­che­rei Hei­del­berg · Post­stra­ße 15 · 69115 Hei­del­berg

Fighting God is a fire­b­rand mani­festo from one of the most reco­gniz­ab­le faces of athe­ism. In this talk based on his forth­co­m­ing book, Sil­ver­man – a wal­king, tal­king athe­ist bill­board known for his appearan­ces on US tele­vi­si­on – dis­cus­ses the effec­tiveness, ethics and impact of the in-your-face athe­ist who refu­ses to be silent.

Sil­ver­man argues that reli­gi­on is more than just wrong: it is malevo­lent and does not deser­ve our respect. It is our duty to be outs­po­ken and do what we can to bring reli­gi­on down. Exami­ning the men­ta­li­ty, methods and issu­es facing the fire­b­rand athe­ist, Sil­ver­man reveals uncom­for­ta­ble truths about reli­gi­on as well as some of the lies that many of us com­for­ta­b­ly igno­re.

Silverman’s pro­vo­ca­ti­ve, una­po­lo­ge­tic approach to reli­gi­on will give inspi­ra­ti­on to non-belie­vers and ser­ve as the ulti­ma­te ans­wer to apo­lo­gists.

Admis­si­on: 10 EUR (6 EUR redu­ced admis­si­on for stu­dents)

On David Sil­ver­man

David Sil­ver­man is pre­si­dent of Ame­ri­can Athe­ists and crea­tor and exe­cu­ti­ve pro­du­cer of the first Rea­son Ral­ly, the lar­gest athe­ist gathe­ring in histo­ry, which uni­fied America’s secu­lar move­ment and brought toge­ther thir­ty thousand athe­ists on the Natio­nal Mall in Washing­ton, DC. Sil­ver­man is known as a harsh cri­tic of reli­gi­on and its influ­ence on the lives of all citi­zens.


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