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fox-tossing-octopus-wrestling-and-other-forgotten-sportsFor tho­se who enjoy­ed the quir­ki­ness of Schott’s Mis­cel­la­ny, the eru­di­tion of The Ety­mo­lo­gi­con or the extre­mes of The Dan­ge­rous Book for Boys, this is the per­fect read. From Flag­po­le Sit­ting to Hot Cock­les, Edward Broo­ke-Hit­ching has rese­ar­ched through piles of dus­ty tomes to bring vivid­ly back to life some of the most curious, dan­ge­rous and down­right bizar­re sports and pasti­mes that man­kind has ever devi­sed, befo­re thin­king bet­ter of it and era­sing it from the memo­ry. After all, who would ever want to bring back Fox Tos­sing, a popu­lar sport for men and women in 17th-cen­tu­ry Ger­ma­ny? As the name sug­gests, it would invol­ve dozens of cou­ples pai­ring up and stan­ding 20 – 25 feet apart in an enc­lo­sed field, each hol­ding one end of a net, and then they would pull hard at both ends as the fox ran past, sen­ding it fly­ing high into the air. The­re are many other sports revea­led wit­hin the­se pages that are unli­kely ever to make an appearan­ce on our TV screens, such as Fire­work Boxing, which is just as dan­ge­rous as it sounds. Mean­while, Ski Bal­let may not have been so ris­ky, but Suzy ‘Chap­stick’ Chaffee’s signa­tu­re move – the Suzy Split (a com­ple­te for­ward split while balan­ced on the tips of her skis) – was pro­bab­ly not one to try at home. An intri­guing, enter­tai­ning and occa­sio­nal­ly shocking insight into the vivid ima­gi­na­ti­ons of man­kind across the years, Fox Tos­sing, Octo­pus Wrest­ling and Other For­got­ten Sports is an unf­or­gett­able read.

Publisher: Simon & Schus­ter Ltd
ISBN: 9781471148996



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