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Unter kan­ni­ba­li­schen Kriegs-Schim­pan­sen


Kom­men­tar von Ima Ryma*:

Chim­pan­zee can­ni­bals can be,
Kil­ling and eating their own kind.
Tho­se who are not clo­se fami­ly,
Tiz just one set of a chimp’s mind.

What makes a chimp be acting so?
Upon ano­t­her chimp to feed?
Is it just simp­le fri­end or foe?
Or is the­re some more com­plex need?

Humans do watch and are aghast,
Cuz chimps and humans sha­re a lot.
Stu­dy­ing chimps – some light is cast
On human stuff – like it or not.

Some­ti­mes the facts don’t always plea­se,
As humans stu­dy chim­pan­zees.

* Spre­chen sie mal den Namen Eng­lisch aus!

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