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Grandmother Fish

Grandmother FishA child's first book of Evolution

Hard­co­ver – Sep­tem­ber 1, 2015
Karen Lewis (Artist), Jona­than Tweet (Aut­hor)

Grand­mo­ther Fish” tea­ches litt­le child­ren to love the idea that we are descen­ded from ani­mals. Vet­ted by tea­chers and sci­en­tists, this book is the first to teach evo­lu­ti­on to pre­schoo­lers. Grand­mo­ther Fish can wigg­le and chomp. Can you? Grand­mo­ther Rep­ti­le crawls and bre­a­thes, and so do you! Grand­mo­ther Mam­m­al cudd­les with her babies, and don’t for­get Cou­sin Wha­le and Cou­sin Bird. Grand­mo­ther Ape hoots, and Grand­mo­ther Human tells sto­ries. We are their child­ren, and all living things are rela­ted.

In this enchan­ting tale, Charles Darwin’s theo­ry of com­mon descent beco­mes ado­rable and kid-fri­end­ly. “Grand­mo­ther Fish” uses an enga­ging “call and respon­se” struc­tu­re to get child­ren wiggling like fish and hoo­ting like apes. The sto­ry focu­ses on two things that child­ren love: ani­mals and fami­ly. Also inclu­ded: the evo­lu­tio­na­ry tree of life, sci­ence notes for adults, and how to exp­lain natu­ral selec­tion to a child. Vete­ran game desi­gner Jona­than Tweet and children’s sci­ence illus­tra­tor Karen Lewis team up to bring your child an evo­lu­ti­on book like no other.

Ste­ven Pin­ker (cogni­ti­ve sci­en­tist, lin­gu­ist, aut­hor) calls it “a lovely con­tri­bu­ti­on to sci­en­ti­fic liter­acy.” David Slo­an Wil­son (evo­lu­tio­na­ry bio­lo­gist, aut­hor) says it is “much nee­ded!” Jona­than Haidt (New York Uni­ver­si­ty, aut­hor of The Righ­teous Mind) says it “fills a gre­at need for par­ents, and ans­wers a ques­ti­on many kids won­der about.” Dani­el Den­nett (cogni­ti­ve sci­en­tist, phi­lo­so­pher, aut­hor) calls it “a gre­at gift for the litt­le kids in your life.”

Web­site zum Buch: http://www.grandmotherfish.com


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