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Vero Copner Wyn­ne-Edwards : Evo­lu­ti­on Through Group Selec­tion


Geor­ge Chris­to­pher Wil­liams: Adap­tati­on and Natu­ral Selec­tion – A Cri­tique of Some Cur­rent Evo­lu­tio­na­ry Thought

Fer­ner etwa

David Ber­re­by : Us and Them – Under­stan­ding Your Tri­bal Mind

Elliott Sober und David Slo­an Wil­son (1999): “Unto Others – The Evo­lu­ti­on and Psy­cho­lo­gy of Unsel­fish Beha­vi­or”

David Slo­an Wil­son (2002): “Darwin’s Cathe­dral – Evo­lu­ti­on, Reli­gi­on, and the Natu­re of Socie­ty”

Da Grup­pen­se­lek­ti­on unter Evo­lu­ti­ons­bio­lo­gen teil­wei­se hef­tig umstrit­ten ist emp­feh­le ich noch fol­gen­den Arti­kel der die­se Kon­tro­ver­se beleuch­tet:

Samir Oka­sha (2001): Why Won’t the Group Selec­tion Con­tro­ver­sy Go Away? Bri­tish Jnl. for the Phi­lo­so­phy of Sci.Volume 52, Num­ber 1, Pp. 25–50

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