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Lilja 4-ever

»Ich möch­te Lil­ja noch ein­mal sehen, aber ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob ich es aus­hal­ten wür­de.«
– The New Yor­ker




I won’t go in to dra­ma­tics about the film, howe­ver, it is the most vis­ce­ral and ‘real’ film I have ever seen. The direc­tor pulls no pun­ches in this very sad sto­ry (though I hate to call it this given the sick amount of child pro­sti­tu­ti­on that exists in even Wes­tern coun­tries today) whe­re even the more

‘mys­ti­cal’ sequen­ces seem real. The young actress play­ing the lead was so con­vin­cing that one was left with an eerie chill. The­re is not­hing ‘cool’ or tren­dy about this movie (i belie­ve some may group it with the movie “Kids” which at times appeared to glo­ri­fy cer­tain aspects of youth whe­re in fact peop­le were get­ting hurt); it is a mir­ror of real life and one of the grea­test sha­mes pla­guing us today.

– thats­that, Syd­ney, Aus­tra­lia



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