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Pat Condell

Godless And Free

Gottlos und frei

Nobo­dy can match his extra­or­di­na­ry blend of sua­vi­ty and sava­ge­ry …
Thank good­ness he is on our side.

Richard Daw­kins


Freedom Is My religion

Freiheit ist meine Religion


Kommentar zu Pat Condell

Messa­ge fo ryou.

Lis­ten, BUDDY, you do not know Islam. Islam is a reli­gi­on of peace. Pro­phet Moham­mad ( … ) pre­ached peace. He was all about peace. That is why he wro­te Koran him­s­elf. The ent­i­re Koran was hand writ­ten by Moham­mad, even though he was illi­te­ra­te, but you see he was cho­sen by Allah, so he was the cho­sen one, the one and only true mes­sen­ger of Allah. So it is in fact Allah\’s own wor­ds that are in Koran, and Koran is full of peace­ful tea­chings, I know this becau­se I am a fol­lo­wer of Koran and I read it like 15 times a day, so I know it well. You have insu­la­ted Islam and now I will have to KILL you. I wish death upon you for mocking such a peace­ful reli­gi­on. I will pray for a vio­lent death for you.

Allah hu Akbar

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