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The Hunt

BBC-EarthUnd wie­der gibt es eine neue Serie der BBC mit Alas­ta­ir Fotherg­ill als Pro­du­zent und Sir David Attenborough​ als Spre­cher. BBC, 2015

Aus all den wun­der­ba­ren Natur­do­ku­men­ta­tio­nen der BBC von und mit David Atten­bo­rough kennt man den Wett­be­werb zwi­schen Raub­tie­ren und ihren Opfern. Dass es sich dabei nicht um einen Sonn­tags­spa­zier­gang han­delt, son­dern um kno­chen­har­te und meist erfolg­lo­se Arbeit für die Raub­tie­re, ist The­ma die­ser 7-tei­li­gen Serie.

  1. The Har­dest Chal­len­ge (1. Novem­ber 2015)
  2. In the Grip of the Sea­sons (Arc­tic, 8. Novem­ber 2015)
  3. Hide and Seek (Forests, 15. Novem­ber 2015)
  4. Hun­ger at Sea (Oce­ans, 22. Novem­ber 2015)
  5. Nowhe­re to Hide (Plains, 29. Novem­ber 2015)
  6. Race Against Time (Coasts,  6. Dezem­ber 2015)
  7. Living With Pre­da­tors (Con­ser­va­ti­on, 13. Dezem­ber 2015)



1 · The Har­dest Chal­len­ge

This epi­so­de reveals the extra­or­di­na­ry ran­ge of tech­ni­ques pre­da­tors use to catch their prey – from a leo­pard using all its powers of ste­alth to stalk impa­la in broad day­light to wild dogs, who­se tac­tic is to wear down their prey over long distan­ces; from Nile cro­co­di­les, perhaps the planet’s most pati­ent pre­da­tors, to kil­ler wha­les who use team­work and intel­li­gence to take on hump­back wha­les. But even with the­se finely tun­ed stra­te­gies, the out­co­me is far from cer­tain. Most pre­da­tors fail most of the time.

2 · In the Grip of the Sea­sons (Arc­tic)

This epi­so­de looks at the chal­len­ges of hun­ting in the Arc­tic, the most sea­so­nal place on Earth. To a pre­da­tor, sea­so­nal chan­ge is a pro­blem. It means that all the para­me­ters of the hunt – the con­di­ti­ons, the stra­te­gies, the prey – chan­ge too. The only opti­on for the Arctic’s top pre­da­tors, the wolf, the Arc­tic fox and the polar bear, is to con­ti­nu­al­ly adapt to their chan­ging world, exploi­ting the good times and endu­ring the bad.

3 · Hide and Seek (Forests)

This epi­so­de fol­lows tigers, har­py eagles, chim­pan­zees, army ants and other pre­da­tors as they rise to the chal­len­ge of hun­ting wit­hin the forest – a den­se, con­fu­sing, three-dimen­sio­nal world, one in which even fin­ding prey is a mad­de­ning task. The pri­ze for suc­cee­ding at nature’s gre­at game of hide-and-seek is one worth win­ning. Forests cover one third of the land sur­face, and con­cea­led wit­hin are over half of the spe­ci­es on Earth.

4 · Hun­ger at Sea (Oce­ans)

This epi­so­de fol­lows blue wha­les, sharks, sea lions, fri­gate­birds, dol­phins and alba­tros­ses to reveal the stra­te­gies they use to hunt for prey in the big blue. The open oce­an is an immense wil­der­ness that covers more than half the sur­face of our pla­net, yet for the most part it’s a wate­ry desert, lar­ge­ly devo­id of life. Pre­da­tors face an end­less search to find and catch food, yet the­se gre­at tracks of oce­an are home to some of the most remar­kab­le hun­ters on the pla­net.

5 · Nowhe­re to Hide (Plains)

Half of all land is desert or grass­land. In the­se, the most expo­sed habi­tats on our pla­net, pre­da­tors like che­etahs, bald eagles and lions can usual­ly see their prey. But it works both ways: the prey can see them too. With not­hing but open vis­tas the ele­ment of sur­pri­se is hard-won, and pre­da­tors must make their own oppor­tu­nities. Nowhe­re to Hide explo­res the stra­te­gies of pre­da­tor and prey in the open are­na.

6 · Race Against Time (Coasts)

The coast is the dyna­mic bor­der bet­ween land and sea. Powe­r­ed by the tides and thras­hed by waves, this is a world of con­ti­nuous chan­ge. Oppor­tu­nities never last long here, so hun­ters are always in a race against time. The coast is the only place on the pla­net whe­re pre­da­tors from air, land and sea come toge­ther. Dol­phins that lea­ve the safe­ty of the sea to fish, wal­king octo­pu­ses, inge­nious mon­keys, fishing wol­ves and the grea­test gathe­ring of fee­ding hump­back wha­les come to the coast to hunt. For all, timing is ever­y­thing.

7 · Living with Pre­da­tors (Con­ser­va­ti­on)

This final epi­so­de of the series visits the front­li­ne of the con­flict with the world’s top pre­da­tors, mee­ting the sci­en­tists fighting to save them. Crossing five con­ti­nents and com­bi­ning land­mark natu­ral histo­ry foo­ta­ge with real-life human dra­ma, it checks the pul­se of the earth’s ico­nic ani­mals, inclu­ding lions, tigers, polar bears and blue wha­les. With three-quar­ters of the planet’s car­ni­vo­res now in decli­ne, can peop­le find ways to live with pre­da­tors befo­re they disap­pe­ar fore­ver?


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