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Twink­le, twink­le litt­le star,
How I won­der what you are.
Giant ther­monu­clear reac­tion;
Held by gra­vi­ta­tio­nal attrac­tion.
Twink­le, twink­le litt­le star,
You look so small ’cau­se you’re so far.

As you burn through con­stant fusi­on,
Your twinkle’s just an opti­cal illu­si­on.
That hap­pens when your light gets near;
dis­tor­ted by our atmo­s­phe­re.
Twink­le, twink­le litt­le star,
sprea­ding light and heat so far.

As you use up fuel you’ll grow,
and give off a scar­let glow;
May­be you’ll go super­no­va,
explo­ding ele­ments all over.
Now I know just what you are;
and I know I’m made of stars.

Tim Etchells


Erwei­ter­te Fas­sung

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