Grandmother Fish

Grandmother Fish

Grandmother FishA child’s first book of Evolution

Hardcover – September 1, 2015
Karen Lewis (Artist), Jonathan Tweet (Author)

„Grandmother Fish“ teaches little children to love the idea that we are descended from animals. Vetted by teachers and scientists, this book is the first to teach evolution to preschoolers. Grandmother Fish can wiggle and chomp. Can you? Grandmother Reptile crawls and breathes, and so do you! Grandmother Mammal cuddles with her babies, and don’t forget Cousin Whale and Cousin Bird. Grandmother Ape hoots, and Grandmother Human tells stories. We are their children, and all living things are related.

In this enchanting tale, Charles Darwin’s theory of common descent becomes adorable and kid-friendly. „Grandmother Fish“ uses an engaging „call and response“ structure to get children wiggling like fish and hooting like apes. The story focuses on two things that children love: animals and family. Also included: the evolutionary tree of life, science notes for adults, and how to explain natural selection to a child. Veteran game designer Jonathan Tweet and children’s science illustrator Karen Lewis team up to bring your child an evolution book like no other.

Steven Pinker (cognitive scientist, linguist, author) calls it „a lovely contribution to scientific literacy.“ David Sloan Wilson (evolutionary biologist, author) says it is „much needed!“ Jonathan Haidt (New York University, author of The Righteous Mind) says it „fills a great need for parents, and answers a question many kids wonder about.“ Daniel Dennett (cognitive scientist, philosopher, author) calls it „a great gift for the little kids in your life.“

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