Lilja 4-ever

Lilja 4-ever

»Ich möchte Lilja noch einmal sehen, aber ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob ich es aushalten würde.«
– The New Yorker

I won’t go in to dramatics about the film, however, it is the most visceral and ‚real‘ film I have ever seen. The director pulls no punches in this very sad story (though I hate to call it this given the sick amount of child prostitution that exists in even Western countries today) where even the more

‚mystical‘ sequences seem real. The young actress playing the lead was so convincing that one was left with an eerie chill. There is nothing ‚cool‘ or trendy about this movie (i believe some may group it with the movie „Kids“ which at times appeared to glorify certain aspects of youth where in fact people were getting hurt); it is a mirror of real life and one of the greatest shames plaguing us today.

– thatsthat, Sydney, Australia

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