The Truth About Climate Change

The Truth About Climate Change

BBC-LogoBBC, 2006

Viele Jahre war David Attenborough als Führer durch die immer wieder erstaunliche Lebenswelt in der freien Natur aktiv. Nun beginnt er sich um die Zukunft unseres Lebens auf diesem Planeten, in diesen empfindlichen Ökosystemen, auf die wir Einfluss ausüben, Gedanken zu machen.

In diesem Film geht es speziell um globale Auswirkungen unseres Tuns, insbesondere unseres Energieverbrauches durch Verbrennung fossiler Brennstoffe und ihrem Eintrag an Kohlendioxid in die Atmosphäre der Erde.

  1. Are We Changing Planet Earth? In the first of a two-part documentary, David Attenborough explores just how far climate change is altering our planet, from drought-stricken rainforest to declining polar bears, from flooded homes to bleached coral. He searches for the evidence that it is our daily activities which are radically changing the climate, leaving the future of Earth largely up to us.
  2. And Can We Save Planet Earth? David Attenborough explores just how much climate change is altering our planet. He looks ahead to find out what needs to be done to save Planet Earth from the worst impact of global warming and discovers what could happen to the planet once a ‚tipping point‘ of carbon emissions is reached. He also discusses the solutions we can all adopt to prevent catastrophic change.


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