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They could be reac­ting to wha­te­ver the Amoe­ba uses to break them down. For examp­le if the Amoe­ba, after inge­sting the para­me­cia, excre­tes sto­mach acid into that space, the para­me­cia are likely respon­ding to the pre­sence of the acid and squir­ming as a respon­se. Ano­t­her way of thin­king about it is thin­king about hor­mo­ne inter­ac­tions in our body. The cells in the tes­tes don’t have con­scious­ness, but when Human Growth Hor­mo­ne enters the cell, the tes­tes release tes­to­ste­ro­ne. Evo­lu­tio­na­ri­ly it makes sen­se too. The para­me­cia ances­tors that ran­dom­ly flip­ped out when they were being dige­sted pro­bab­ly escaped and were able to pass tho­se genes on.

Thus begins a new endo­sym­bio­tic cycle: The 2 Para­me­cia Sub­mit­ting to the will of their Mas­ter, the Amoe­ba, in exchan­ge for their lives now work as mind­less slaves in the Amoeba’s cyto­plasm lin­king their DNA to Amoeba’s, pro­du­cing uni­ma­gin­ab­le hor­rors: What was once a simp­le Amoe­ba, is now pro­du­ces cilia on it’s pseu­do­po­dia making it a ligh­ten­ing fast pre­da­tor, it’s cell mem­bra­nes con­tain new immu­ni­ty to toxic envi­ron­ments, it’s cen­tral vacuo­les have quin­tu­pled! It can crea­te mouths on mul­ti­ple sides; 4 para­me­ci­um attacking in dif­fe­rent direc­tions will sim­ply be engul­fed and con­su­med. And as a defen­se mechanism/reproduction method: Ins­te­ad of having to con­ju­ga­te its­elf, it per­forms bina­ry fis­si­on, and dupli­ca­te its­elf in a mat­ter of seconds. It has beco­me resistant to almost every known anti-bac­te­ri­al medi­ca­ti­on known to man.
It is a new strain of bac­te­ria. And it’s name is:
The Para-Moebia.


Ach ja, man­che Amö­ben essen auch Neu­ro­nen, also Hirn­zel­len: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naegleria_fowleri

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