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Well, I think it takes more than a cute face, a bril­li­ant mind, a decent accent and a tiny, sweet speech impe­di­ment to fit into the foots­teps of Sir David Atten­bo­rough. If this would be it, my pre­fer­red choice is Lisa Rand­all. (She also has the »right« sex—at least for me.)

But to add some hard facts: Sir David Attenborough’s con­tri­bu­ti­on was main­ly in the field of the life sci­en­ces which has all to to do with our­sel­ves, as we all are living beings. That’s why we feel so invol­ved in the sto­ries he told us about our fra­gi­le, »living pla­net«. Phy­sics seems to be away from our ever­y­day experience—although I cer­tain­ly know that this is not true.

On the other hand, I feel it is unfair to hand­le not only the torch, but also the shoes from ano­t­her man. It would be best to lea­ve it to Bri­an Cox to lead his own path of enligh­ten­ment. I love new sto­ries to be told. And he is still young.

And yes, the films I have seen with Bri­an Cox have a kind of shal­low­ness which I dis­li­ke. But I am no ordi­na­ry per­son, I still watch lectures—not only edu­tain­ment.



In fact, in this mini-series he has done a gre­at job com­bi­ning his world of phy­sics with what mat­ters most for us—life.

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