Amöbe beim Mittagessen

Amöbe beim Mittagessen

They could be reacting to whatever the Amoeba uses to break them down. For example if the Amoeba, after ingesting the paramecia, excretes stomach acid into that space, the paramecia are likely responding to the presence of the acid and squirming as a response. Another way of thinking about it is thinking about hormone interactions in our body. The cells in the testes don’t have consciousness, but when Human Growth Hormone enters the cell, the testes release testosterone. Evolutionarily it makes sense too. The paramecia ancestors that randomly flipped out when they were being digested probably escaped and were able to pass those genes on.

Thus begins a new endosymbiotic cycle: The 2 Paramecia Submitting to the will of their Master, the Amoeba, in exchange for their lives now work as mindless slaves in the Amoeba’s cytoplasm linking their DNA to Amoeba’s, producing unimaginable horrors: What was once a simple Amoeba, is now produces cilia on it’s pseudopodia making it a lightening fast predator, it’s cell membranes contain new immunity to toxic environments, it’s central vacuoles have quintupled! It can create mouths on multiple sides; 4 paramecium attacking in different directions will simply be engulfed and consumed. And as a defense mechanism/reproduction method: Instead of having to conjugate itself, it performs binary fission, and duplicate itself in a matter of seconds. It has become resistant to almost every known anti-bacterial medication known to man.
It is a new strain of bacteria. And it’s name is:
The Para-Moebia.


Ach ja, manche Amöben essen auch Neuronen, also Hirnzellen:

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