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Human Rights Watch berichtet, dass mehr als 2.200 Gefängnisinsassen in Amerika lebenslänglich verbüßen ohne die Option zur Bewährung und das für Verbrechen, die sie als Teenager begangen haben. Im Rest der Welt sind es lediglich 12. Die USA sind eines der wenigen Länder in der Welt in der es möglich ist, dass Kinder unter 18 zu lebenslänglich ohne Bewährung verurteilt werden.

Ofra Bikel reist nach Colorado um vier Fälle von Jugendlichen nachzugehen, die im Gefängnis verbleiben bis sie sterben. In December 1992, 15-year-old Jacob Ind received a life sentence for the murders of his mother and stepfather. A similar fate befell Nathan Ybanez and Erik Jensen, high school students in a wealthy suburb of Denver. Nathan killed his mother and Erik was implicated in the crime by another friend involved in the cover-up. Trevor Jones was trying to scam $100 from a classmate, but the plan went awry when his gun discharged and killed Matt Foley.Andrew Medina was only 15 when he and two acquaintances attempted a carjacking, during which a gun was fired, killing the driver.

In 2006, Colorado became the first state to pass a bill changing juvenile life without parole to 40 years before parole eligibility. The bill was not retrospective, however, and has come too late for 45 former juveniles now serving life sentences, including Jacob, Erik, Nathan, Trevor and Andy.




There is one of the developed countries that hasn’t adopted the Children’s Rights:


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